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Our seed stock kiko operation is conducted using methods that stay true to the nature of the breed.  Our does are primarily forage and pasture managed with minimal supplementation.  These supplements include; year round loose mineral, self generated second cutting hay and minimal grain during beginning months of lactation (winter months).  Utilizing these methods allow our does to demonstrate the hardiness and resilience of the breeds ability to thrive on minimal input while producing maximum output.  Striving to develop operational standards that correspond appropriately with the natural consumption of the kiko breed or goats in general is our farm objective.  This is why we are proud to provide adequate forage, pasture, and winter pasture during specified times of year.  Our herd receives a wellness check twice a year evaluating hooves, body scores, and overall health, at which time they receive the CDT and CL vaccination to preserve a clean and desired herd.          

Our Operation: Our Farm
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